Talmadge Beavan


Born in London I came to reside in Lippe Land in Germany at the age of two. I enjoyed the German festive spirit and its rich customs. I rate the schools very highly and enjoyed my education and found little prejudice. I made many friends and the Lippe people had a special cameraderie.

At the age of nine we moved to England. We bought a bungalow near the Devon / Somerset boarder. I loved the picturesque countryside which was rich in wildlife. There were wild hares, foxes, badgers, kestrels, buzards, wood peckers, cookoos, hawks, owls and fruit bats to name a few. I bought an Eye Spy book and explored the countryside.

I did well at school and passed several exams in science before going on to college. Later I studied science and German with the Open University. I have a brother a year older, a brother six years younger and a sister eleven years younger than myself. I have family in Germany as well as in Canada and England.

In later years I discovered the beauty of poetry and am intrigued by language and I wish I read more than I do. I love to read amatuer poetry as well as see amature dramatics. I like to see people have a go. A lot of my friends think I should have become a school teacher. I like teaching and using my literary skills. 


My Poems

One of the things I really enjoy doing is writing poems. If you like poetry then why no visit Poemhunter and read a selection of my poetry.



Manifesto of Good Government

If you want to know what my idea of good government is then Go to this site.

My Favourite Sites

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The National Hydrogen Association
Hydrogen as engine fuel. Clean and pollution free

Alternative News
Independent Media Centre
Amnesty International
Charity for human rights
Friends of the Earth
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If you care about wild birds

If you want to stop animal extinction then support the World Wildlife Fund

Other good sites I support:

Wildlife Trusts

Centre for alternative technology
Measure your carbon footprint

A bank which cares about people and the environemnt

100% renewable energy provider


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How about some positive news!

A magazine which highlights third world problems  

New Internationalist

Free encyclopedia in many languages 


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